The Family

The family who have moved into the house after Lena's suicide is centered around the widower Wilhelm, his son Benjamin and stepson Sebastian. With them they bring several family members who all had a close relationship with Lena. This is the first time they have gathered since the funeral a few months ago.

Every time a new family moves into the house it will be the same characters repeating the circle of desire and destruction.

Character Overview

Wilhelm will try to be the father for the entire family. He will write his grief, anger and passions. His love for his departed wife will not disappear but be transformed. (Man in his 40s)


Sebastian is Wilhelm's stepson. He feels adrift. What is his place in the family now that his mother Lena is dead? His gaze is filled with desire. And he will be transformed by other's gaze upon him. (Man, 19 years)

Benjamin is Wilhelm's shy son. He is filled with love for his step-brother Sebastian. He pours his longing onto the pages of the fan-fic stories he writes. (Man, 18 years)

Isabel and Sophia are Lena's younger sisters. Together they already have a special relationship with the house. Isabel has lived a life where the only stability she could depend on was her own force of will, while Sophia lived in safety and comfort for many years. Now Sophia craves adventure and to experience a bit of danger and not to be overshadowed by her streetwise and experienced older sister. Will Isabel and Sophia be an unbreakable team or become each others worst antagonists? (Isabel is a 31 year old woman and Sophia is a 26 year old woman)


Monica is Wilhelm's cousin. She is an author of erotic novels for women and just now coming out of a painful divorce. She longs for true connections and has her eye set on the young couple Emma and Carl. She knows she can be so many things for them. (Woman, in her 40s)



April is a visual artist of some renown. She is Monica's sister and has travelled here with her husband Jacob and their friend Winter. She is observant and senses what is really going on with people. (Woman, in her 30s)


Jacob used to dream of becoming an artist but dissatisfied with his own talent he is now writing a PhD on “Beauty and the grotesque in historical and contemporary art.” He is a playful man trying not to delve on his own self-doubts. (Man, in his 30s)

Their friend Winter is also a visual artist and have travelled here with their friends to get a break from a tumultuous marriage. Their quiet intensity draws in people and both April and Jacob are about to draw them into a game of flirtations and passions. Will they become just a pawn in these games, or find new love and joy on their own terms? (Person in their 30s. The participant decides the gender of the character before the larp)

Emma is an art student and the daughter of Wilhelm, sister of Benjamin and fiancé of Carl. She is strong willed and full of life. She searches within herself and among those around her to become free of ambivalence and rid of everything that is tepid and lukewarm. (Woman, 20 years)

Carl is Benjamin's best friend and he has come to the house with his fiancée Emma. She is Carl's first real girlfriend and he fears that he isn't interesting enough for her. He dreams of being wanted and desired, truly and fully. (Man, 18 years)

Hunter is a wealthy person. They are Wilhelm and Monica's friend and literary advisor. Some time ago they were Winter´s lover. Hunter plays with words and with touch and has a knack for getting people where they want them to be. (Non-binary person in their 40s)

House/Rose is a lonely predator. It uses its ability to affect its inhabitants’ emotions and desires to live out its own perversions on its inhabitants. It is extremely lonely. Rose is the name Lena, Isabel and Sophia gave House when they were children living inside it. When things were tough, Rose protected them, but one day Rose granted them their greatest wish, and made their parents go away. 


House is portrayed by 12 participants each still connected to their human characters. They want to live out their desires before House robs whatever is left of them.

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We will cast you as one of the family members. During signup you will have the chance to specify what experience you are after. We will cast you as close to your preferences as possible, but cannot promise you a specific character.

Family Tree

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