House of Craving will run five times the summer 2022

The first day you arrive at 20.00 and the last day you leave after breakfast. You larp two full days in the middle, with some calibration breaks. 

​Price to participate is EUR 495

You have the possibility to split the payment for the larp into instalments

Sign up as Family or House only!

If you don't have time to participate in a full run, you can choose to sign up only as House for Run 1 or only as Family for Run 5.

As House Only - Run 1 

You will be the original house that sets the tone for the rest of the runs. You arrive Thursday  evening, larp on the Friday and leave after breakfast on Saturday.

This is for you if you are not afraid to hit the ground running and throw yourself into intense scenes directly, create play for others and push the envelope. 

Price to participate as House only is EUR 245

As Family Only - Run 5

When playing the second and final Family in run 5 you will get the benefit of being in a very focused and intense experience. Five runs of the larp has come before and all that experience and play will be condensed and directed at you. You will arrive Tuesday evening, larp on Wednesday and leave after breakfast Thursday. 

This is for you if you want to be pushed hard from the first second of larping. If you are looking for an intense and extremely powerful experience. 

Price to participate as Family only is EUR 245

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We have rented the 1150 m² (12.300 ft²) mansion Allégården located just outside Odense Denmark.

It has a pool, jacuzzi, fitness room, 4 big living rooms and a big closed courtyard. You will be sleeping in rooms with 2-3 other people. A few of those will be on mattresses on the floor.

Link to google maps


How to Get There

If you come by public transportation

The venue is very easy to reach by public transportation.

Take the train to Odense Station. A ticket from Copenhagen Airport is normally around EUR 40,- but very often you can get tickets as low as EUR 18,-. You book your tickets here. Remember to click the Orange Tickets (which is the cheap tickets.)

From Odense Station you can take a local bus or get a taxi right by the station. The fare for a 4 person taxi is approximately DKK 270,- or EUR 36,-. You can order a taxi for up to 8 people for approximately DKK 370,- or EUR 50,-. 

If you come by car: There are several parking spots at the location where you can park for free.

What to Bring

  • Outfit for your human character.

  • Outfit for your House character. White and grey only.

  • Bed linen: Pillow case, duvet cover and bed sheet.

  • A towel.

  • Alcohol if you want.