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​Signup is closed for 2023

Sign-up Process

  1. Sign up opens January13th 2023 and will be open until February 10th at 23.59 CET.  The order in which people sign up doesn’t matter, so no need to rush as long as you fill the sign-up form before the deadline. Please take your time with the questions. 

  2. Once sign-up has closed, we’ll read all sign-ups carefully and select participants for the larp. (Read more about the selection criteria below). Once selection is done, we’ll let everyone know whether they’re in the larp or not.

  3. After you have the email confirming your participation in the larp, you’ll have one week to pay. You can pay the full amount right away or pay in three instalments where the first instalment is EUR 145. See more about instalments here.

  4. The sign-up form will ask whether you would want to be on the waiting list. In the case of cancellations or participants failing to pay the participation fee on time, we’ll start contacting people on the waiting list. (Since many participants will need to confirm international travel plans, you will not be entered onto this waiting list automatically).

You can sign up for one or several runs. The more runs you sign up for, the bigger the chance of getting a spot at one run. (Everyone is assumed to want to play only once). The Family and House will be portrayed by 12 participants each, so 24 participants in total per run. You will interact with 36 participants in total due to the overlapping structure of the larp.

​Signup is closed for 2023

Selection Process

We strive to make the player selection process as fair as possible. Players will be selected for the larp according to the following criteria:

  • Motivation. The sign-up form will ask why you would like to play in this larp. Be as honest as possible - there is no one right answer.

  • Gender balance. We strive for a balanced representation of various gender identities.

  • Diversity. We wish to make a larp that’s friendly to participants of a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

  • In the signup form, there is an option to tell us if there are other people you have agreed to sign up with. We encourage you to do so and we will take this into account when selecting participants 


In any situation where applying these criteria leaves us with multiple applicants for a spot, we will make the choice through drawing lots.





You can find the ticket store here



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